Six String Electric Soul

Only a couple of weeks until 6 String Electric Soul is available worldwide, but you can download here at a discounted price. Don't tell anyone...OK? 

Well two shots later and I'm ready to take on the world. But I tell ya that shit really kicked my ass. But I'll gladly take losing two days for the prospect of normalcy. 

I play music full-time, because I love what I do. Each new track is like a new kid...except you can watch them leave right away and move on to the next one!

Speaking of that...I've uploaded a few new kids, "Gut Punch" is the latest offspring, "You Need Love" which should be familiar to many, "Green Albatross" sort of a nod to one of my many influences Peter Green who we lost in July 2020 and "The Stairway To Kevin"  (I know, lol). Downloaded tracks will be delivered in lossless, uncompressed, broadcast CD quality. Just click the Audio button on the site navigation at the top of this page. 

I Appreciate you stopping by, Read on for the obligatory press package jargon performers rely on to tell people that don't know us who the hell we are. Someone smarter than us always writes them so who am I to argue? If you already know me, click on a video or something and remember the good old days...2019. Peace...


Kevin Paul was born and raised in the city of Chicago, he left home as a teenager to pursue his love of music. The Chitlin’ Circuit in the 70’s was a virtual training ground for him where he developed a knack for playing inside the polyrhythms that were the basis for many grooves found in popular Funk music of the era.

Moving forward he landed with fellow Chicagoans Ted & Mitch Aliotta and John Jeremiah in the “Acme Thunder Band” replacing iconic guitar wizard Harvey Mandel. 

Next stop was as staff musician and writer for Jericho Productions and member of the original act “small idols”. Other Jericho artists Steve "Silk" Hurley and Shawn Christopher were experiencing commercial success, kp was tasked with writing and playing on numerous sessions for a number of artists. This lead to the creation of Young Heroes Music, LLC primarily as a publishing entity with a catalog administered through the Westwood Music Group in Edison NJ. 

kp logged many years playing with Chicago Blues Legend Bumble Bee Bob Novak throughout the club and festival circuit. He also took up residence in The Jan James Band touring Europe for the Provogue label in the 90’s.

In 1998 he helped form StikMen who went on to be selected as one of the Top Twenty Unsigned Acts in America in 2000. A publishing deal was procured with the Westwood Music Group and two Indie CD’s were released on that label. Harvey Mandel would return to contribute to the 2nd StikMen release livin’ proof.  The band was courted by Original Muscle Shoals Swamper Jimmy Johnson but a deal to join a new forming label would never materialize. kp produced StikMen for Young Heroes Music co-writing all of the band’s originals and overseeing the company’s entry into Internet marketing which was quickly becoming a viable tool for Indie artists. StikMen’s songs were downloaded over a half million times in 2000. The track “More Than Money” from the first release was selected for inclusion in the recent documentary film Going Attractions.  Kevin Stik Paul soon became known as a producer and writer, in particular for his instrumental compositions. After StikMen he co-founded 1969, featuring updated classics from the Woodstock era. 

kp is also a founding member of the Blues AllStars and contributed to what is considered the first recorded intercontinental Blues Collaboration "Rollin' Pin Blues" conceived and produced by prominent members of the site's talent around the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Each player's part was recorded and added to the original basic tracks and sent digitally to the next musician. In some cases the song was forwarded via post to the next waiting performer. All this done before high-speed Internet was available.

For the last 7 years kp performed with the dynamic show band Generation playing at premier venues and festivals around the midwest. He recently worked on an original project called "The Mind" which included a concept album recorded at various studios in Muscle Shoals Alabama with members of the famous Swampers including David Hood and Clayton Ivey  

kp continues to compose and produce his own compositions, due to the Covid-19 pandemic all performances have been limited to open air acoustic shows. Many of Generation's 2020 cancelled shows have been re-booked for 2021 and our hopes are that fans in Chicago and the Midwest can look forward to them performing regularly at festivals, concerts, clubs and corporate events in the coming year. kp is also a regular on the House Of Blues Chicago Back Porch Stage, performing frequently with The Windy City Rev Ups, who's regular schedule at The HOB is likewise on-hold, and the band is and of course anxiously awaiting their reopening.  

Stay safe!



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