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Advance track from Well Alright released today from post production: The Key Factor is available for free download for a limited time…thanks for dropping in!


Happy Cinco De Mayo! The spring / summer schedule is out and available here and more shows are being added as we get closer to “festival season” in the greater Chicagoland area. It is a great time of year to get out hear and see some incredible bands and artists from this world class city and its suburbs. There are also bookings at indoor venues like the House Of Blues and more, I hope to see you at an event this year.

Peace, kp


The first day of spring brings the song “I Cried For You” being selected to appear in the WOAFM compilation album Independent No.1's Vol.14 . Follow the link for a recorded broadcast over multiple platforms. And the video for “Dream Catcher” has been released, you can view it on YouTube by following the above link.

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Just released Dream Catcher an advance track from the next EP. Video will follow soon.  Thanks for listening!


Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a safe and special time with family and friends. I have no siblings or children so it's different for me but I enjoy the Holidays a great deal. Now that 24 is right around the corner we'll be working on finishing my next EP entitled “Well All Right” which should be released in Q1. 

I want to pass along a webpage I think a number of you will enjoy…especially if you love the blues like I do. Terry Abrahamson is a Grammy Winning Song Writer and author and I highly recommend his book “In The Belly Of The Blues” This link will take you to “Witness To History”, an interview where you will learn more about it. I recently met Terry and collaborated with him and Derrick procell to write “Love to spare” Check out the interview…it's fascinating and the book is as well!  

I hope you all have a great New Year…see ya on the flip side.


Tonight I'll be with The Phil Gatto Band at Danny's in Naperville, show time 8:00 pm


I'll be with Derrick Procell and The All Star Mojo Band on 11/16 at The Raue Center For The Arts , tickets available through the link above. 

On 11/19 I'll be performing at the Tribute to Fred Glickstein  at Hey Nonny in Arlington Heights playing songs that were written by Fred and Bruce Gordon in the 60's! It's an early show, featuring many Chicago music notables including Dinosaur Exhibit, Scott May, The Cave Dwellers and more. Doors open at 2. 


So the Elle Oh video dropped today over at YouTube as well as here, check it out. The audio track is different than the version used in the video, I think it's better. 

On 11/2 we are debuting the All Star Blues Band backing up Jake & Elwood at the 7 Bridges Ice Arena in Lisle. Going to be an incredible event, a fundraiser for the rink itself and The Hanson Brothers will be there too…yeah them


Well it's here...some of us in the Midwest love the coming of fall. Where are you on that? I have a few shows left and I'm looking forward to working on the next two releases, continuing the 6 song song EP thread. Generation shows remaining include Des Plaines Fall Fest 9/15 and Houby Fest on 10/7.



It's been a busy summer and with a lot of gigs under my belt and a lot more to go I find myself behind schedule on my pending EP "Well All Right" So with a renewed sense of purpose I'm back the Groove Grove laying tracks between shows. It's good to be alive!


The Love To Spare video premiers Saturday 3/25 at noon on Youtube, it features Derrick Procell on keys and vocals, we co-wrote the tune and plan on doing more soon! Check it out and let us know what you thought…

3/01/23 Version - 2 of All I Can Do Is Cry is out and it features Derrick ProcellCheck it out!

We had a great response to the new EP, B,B&B just released on 2/25, it's now the 27th and the last thing I wanted to do was rest on my laurels...or my hardy's so let me present a fresh track called Love To Spare A new era in kp land this is a collaboration between Derrick Procell and me. More to come, stay tuned!  

2/10/23 The next release in the 6 song EP series is Blues, Ballads & Burners which will be released worldwide on all digital platforms on February 25th. It includes a remix of Warrior by Legendary Producer Stu Epps. The EP also features the sultry vocals Dalis Santiago and more guitar wanking from you know who. The next in the 6 song series is not far behind in production and should be released late spring / early summer.

In the meantime please visit the MusiCares page I am hosting for the Kim Simmonds project. The Grammys are behind us now and the push for the Recording Academy's charity is picking up steam. Download the tribute to Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown and follow the link to read more. And stay tuned for version 2 featuring a very exciting guest'll want to hear and have this one. That's all for now! Peace


A lot going on right now, distribution of All I Can Do Is Cry began on 1/21 and we'll be working on the follow up soon. New videos out: EZBlue and Big Blue Sky which also went to distribution as singles in January on all digital platforms. What's next you ask? Lots...stay tuned. Peace

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